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AMCA's Instagram Page Hits 60,000 Followers

Keith Kizer | Published on 7/30/2021
AMCA reached another big milestone of 60,000 followers thanks to AMCA Instagram Moderator, Marc Gallin and his volunteers. 

Marc has this social media platform growing at the rate of 10,000 new members every eight months. 
Thanks to all the social media volunteers who make it possible to get the AMCA branding out to the masses. 

Here's a Link to AMCA Instagram

History of the club's Instagram activity

From a simple page set up by motorcycle legend, Roland Sands back in 2015 for newly hired Executive Director, Keith Kizer; this has turned out to be the number one social media platform for the club. Kizer remembers, "I was on a West Coast swing and stopped in to see longtime friend, Roland Sands, at his shop and had one his guys pose for a AMCA racing jersey to use on our new website. Roland asked if we were on Instagram in which I replied, Instawhat? Roland took my phone out of my hand and in minutes had an account set up for us with photos from his shop. He said make sure you post new photos everyday and before long it will balloon into thousands."

Kizer admits he did a terrible job at following Roland's advice until he eventually handed over the job to Marc Gallin who took it to another level. He then brought on Matt McManus from the East Coast and together they started reaching a massive audience. 

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