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AMCA Mission Statement

“The purpose of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America Inc. shall be the collection, restoration, preservation, use and enjoyment of antique motorcycles at least 35 years old as well as parts, accessories and literature pertaining to the history of these motorcycles. The AMCA shall encourage members to form Chapters anywhere there is interest in the hobby/sport. It shall also provide for and regulate National Meets, Road Runs and the Judging Program. Through the avenue of common interest in antique motorcycles, the AMCA shall encourage good fellowship, brotherhood, respect and camaraderie among all men and women.”

AMCA Vision Statement

“The Mission of the AMCA has been successfully accomplished since its inception 60 years ago primarily through a culture created by Members who were passionate about old motorcycles. This culture fostered a common interest in preserving and maintaining old motorcycles for future generations while enjoying and riding them at the same time. Although the AMCA recognizes its heritage, it also recognizes the need to set forth a plan for the future, which not only considers the interests of its current Members but also plans for the next generation of old-bike enthusiasts. To accomplish this goal, the AMCA believes it is important to reach out and inform, through every form of social media, current non-AMCA old-bike enthusiasts and those who may have an interest in old motorcycles but are not aware of the AMCA or what it has to offer them. Our goal is to encompass all brands and makes of old bikes 35 years and older and all age ranges of enthusiasts. The AMCA believes it is important to encourage other established motorcycle organizations and clubs to cooperate with one another to better the sport/hobby of antique motorcycles while maintaining their own identities and goals.”

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Chapter! 

We are based in the Denver area, right at the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains.  Our chapter members hail from a wide area of the central Rockies and the eastern plains, including western Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas.  Our chapter supports and welcomes all types and ages of antique motorcycles; our members are enthusiasts and experts in bikes from all over the world and all time periods, from pioneering American machines of the 1920s (and earlier) to Japanese technical marvels of the 1980s and beyond.  And we ride them!  We are a ride-based club.  We count ourselves lucky to live near the foothills and mountains and we take advantage of the dry weather and sunny days by riding year-round.  The Rocky Mountain Chapter is proud to have hosted the very first AMCA Road Run in 1984 to show members of chapters across the nation the great riding we have in our backyard, and we continue to welcome other motorcyclists to our uniquely beautiful region.

P.O. Box 663, HUNTSVILLE, AL 35804