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The Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the

Board of Directors of

The Antique Motorcycle Club of America, Inc.

September 24, 2016

            The Antique Motorcycle Club of America, Inc., Board of Directors held its annual meeting at the J&S Cafeteria in Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time pursuant to written notice as required by the Bylaws.

            Richard Spagnolli, President, called the meeting to order at 8:31 AM Eastern Time. 

 Jack Stauffer, Secretary, called roll. The following Directors were present:  Richard Spagnolli, President, Lonnie Campbell, Vice President, Jack Stauffer, Secretary, Davette Bent, Treasurer, Fred Davis, Director, Rick Najera, Director, Ross Metcalfe Director, Donnie Eatherly, Director, Peter MacMurray, Director. Keith Kizer, Executive Director, and John Wendell, AMCA counsel, were also present.

1) Strategic Plan Review:   The Strategic plan review was started at the Daytona semi- annual meeting in 2014 and has been stalled. Peter has volunteered to get the plan restarted. The plan is for 1, 3, and 5 years and states the process to implement our mission statement. All Board members will need to give their input, and a deadline established, for getting the plan implemented. During the discussion it was mentioned that we need to explore Facebook advertising, establish a possible Japanese only meet or chapter, explore more emphasis in our magazine on British and Japanese motorcycles, and review our 3 year plan points. In addition we should have in our plan a succession strategy in place to replace the Chief Judge, Executive director, and any of our contractors, should this become necessary because of retirement, resignation or otherwise.. Peter will compile the draft for review in 30 days..

2) Insurance Committee Report and Recommendation: The Board went into executive session to discuss the insurance committee’s review of all insurance policies. The board came out of executive session to make a motion to obtain legal opinion as to the adequacy of our insurance coverage’s. Motion was made by Lonnie Campbell and seconded by Jack Stauffer. The motion passed unanimously. The Board then went back into executive session with no further action taken.

3) Merchandise Contractor Review:  The Board went into executive session for discussion of the merchandise contractor. After the Board came out of executive session, Keith asked the Board to approve the prior purchases of Western Shirts. A motion was made by Ross Metcalfe and seconded by Davette Bent to approve $3,405.17 for the purchase of Western Shirts for the merchandise inventory.

4) Non-AMCA Chapter Member Initiative:  The Board discussed the fact that we need to try and approach AMCA chapter members that are not AMCA members. Fred feels that we should send non-compliant chapters a copy of their by-laws which state that all chapter members must be AMCA members. Keith will draft a letter to chapter presidents explaining why all chapter members must be national members. A motion was made by Fred Davis and seconded by Peter Mac Murray to approve a letter explaining the reasons for member compliance to be sent to chapter presidents. The letter is to be signed by both Richard and Fred. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Break 10:50 AM - 11:02 AM  

 5) AMCA Membership New Benefits/Partnership Initiative Status and Review. Hagerty Mutual Promotion Agreement Review:  Richard reported that we have fulfilled our obligation to Hagerty regarding our mutual promotion agreement. Hagerty still owes us a letter to be sent to their Antique Motorcycle customers telling them about the AMCA. Other membership benefit programs such as additional insurance companies offering discounts, and possible relationships with rental car discounts, hotel discounts, and motorcycle parts need to be explored. Keith reported that Condon Skelly is still interested in offering a 5% discount, and he will follow up with them. Keith will also follow up with V-Twin and J&P Cycle to see if they would be interested in starting a discount program with some of their dealers.

6) AMCA Internal Audit Committee Report Review. Board Travel Expenses Reimbursement Policy Review: Davette reported on the Internal Audit Committee Review which was performed by the Internal Audit Committee on April 22, 2016 during the AMCA National Meet in Oley, Pa. The committee commented that 15% of our advertising revenues go to advertising commissions. Davette will create a flow- through chart to better track advertising commissions for the 2017 Internal Audit Committee. The committee also commented that 50% of Club revenues are spent producing our magazine. At this point the Board went into executive session to discuss the Board's travel policy in the P&P which was addressed by the Internal Audit Committee. The Board came out of executive session and addressed the Board Travel Policy. After discussion among Board Members, a motion was made by Davette Bent and seconded by Ross Metcalfe to revise the Board Travel Policy to reimburse Board members the lesser cost of either air fare or mileage rate for driving to required AMCA Board Meetings and other authorized Board functions effective January 1, 2017. The motion passed unanimously .

Lunch Break 12:09 PM - 1:09PM .

7) Executive Director Report: Budget for business card type flyers for Chapter officers and directors to give away; additional banners for National Meet; Membership retention calls; More reports and updates on other listed topics; Yellow Pages discussion: Keith reported that  the AMCA banners that were sent to all of the National Meets were not used at some of the events. Some of our decals were sent to Cornerstone for distribution and some were handed out at the National Meets and the 2016 Cannonball Run. Keith suggested we print business card size flyers listing our National Meets and Road Runs and send 250 flyers to each chapter to distribute. Fred suggested that we include QR codes on all of our flyers. Keith will look into the possibility of selling AMCA banners on our merchandise site. A motion was made by Donnie Eatherly and seconded by Jack Stauffer to approve the expenses for signs and banners for National events not to exceed $2,700.00, for business card flyers not to exceed $400.00, and for AMCA decals not to exceed $1,200.00. The total is not to exceed $4,300.00. The motion passed unanimously.

Keith also discussed our placing advertisements in other motorcycle magazines to solicit people to become members of the AMCA. During this year's Sturgis Rally, Cycle Source magazine put on a bike show for antique motorcycles which included posters that they had made which featured the AMCA logo. Cycle Source  also did a feature article on the AMCA in their magazine. Cycle Source’s advertising rate is $585.00 for a quarter page ad in 1 issue, or $400.00 for a quarter page ad in 12 issues. This also would include a free banner ad on their blog page, all for $4,800.00. Keith will explore the possibility of a trade off to advertise in each others magazine. A motion was made by Lonnie Campbell and seconded by Rick Najera  to approve $5,000.00 for magazine ads to promote the AMCA in 2017 in magazines to be determined by Keith. The motion passed unanimously.

The Board discussed having Board members call AMCA members that have let their memberships lapse. Richard suggested we send an e-mail first, and then follow up in 2 weeks if there is no response. He also suggested that each person making a call should have a list of bullet points to say to those being called. It was suggested that we give this a test run for 1 month and see if this will work, or should we use a service. Constant Contact has an auto responder service that costs $25.00 per month. They will do 3 “drip” e-mails to prospects in a month. One now, one in a week, and one in a month. Fred suggested that new members are sent a notice with a date, asking them to call if they don’t receive their membership card.

The Board discussed creating Chapter Websites for any chapter that wished to take advantage of this service. Also proposed was a ”Yellow Pages” for parts and services. Richard felt that a person posting on the Yellow Pages should be an advertiser in the magazine. These pages would only be available to AMCA members.

The Board discussed several options regarding membership registration and retention. Keith reported that Chapter Spot has a good member registration and retention service, but they are too expensive. The next option was Club Express. They require $5,000.000  for their start up but will cost less than $1,000 per month thereafter. Club Express would offer free websites to chapters that want to use the service and chapters could maintain their membership records online. Club Express is 100% virtual so they would not have the ability to renew memberships via telephone or mail. Club Express would also  require that our database and our website be on their server. Keith suggested that we keep Club Express as a back up if needed. Keith would like to sit down with Mark Wheeler from Cornerstone, our current membership register, and Jon Radermacher, our webmaster, to discuss issues with logging on to our current website. Keith would also like to bring Mark up to speed on what the other contractors can do.. Keith will make a list of changes, to propose to Mark, that we would like to have as far as data access.  

8) Membership Retention Initiative Update Membership Service Alternative Review and Update. Cornerstone Membership List Audit Review Separate Current and Expired Membership Lists Proposal: Richard reported that we still have anomalies in our membership list. It was suggested that we start over and use the Cornerstone list starting from January 1 for membership expiration dates. Merchandise sales have also become confused with dues paid to the club. We would like to resolve this matter by January 1, 2017. There are currently 30,000 member names on our current and expired membership lists. This list needs to be pared down to make it more manageable. All of the names that would be removed from the current list would be archived. Currently we have 11,181 U.S. members with 4,283 memberships that have expired in the last 3 years. There are also 298 Canadian members with 123 memberships that have expired in the last 3 years, and 460 foreign members with 220 memberships that have expired in the last 3 years. There was a discussion to offer a reduced membership rate to members outside the USA that would not include the magazine. After a discussion, the Board determined that this would not be practical or feasible financially.

9) New Chapter National and International Initiative Update:  There was a discussion about the need initiate contact with AMCA Members living in areas where there are no AMCA Chapters. There was also a discussion about waiving the eight member requirement for foreign countries to apply for chapter status because there may not be eight AMCA Members in the country. Keith has been sending emails to AMCA Members who have expressed an interest in starting new Chapters. Keith will also keep trying to recruit on a periodic basis U.S. AMCA members that live in a state or area where there is not currently a chapter and where no one has yet expressed an interest in starting a Chapter. The Board thought this process may locate Members who are thinking about starting a Chapter but have not come forward to ask.

10) Virtual Library Review and Update: The virtual library is currently stalled and has not moved forward for some time. There was a discussion about copyright law and what responsibilities the AMCA has, whether we pursue this ourselves, or if someone else were to take the project over. AMCA counsel, John Wendel, advised that any material used for the library could be in violation of copyright law. The Antique Motorcycle Foundation (AMF) has offered to do a joint venture with the AMCA. This joint venture would require the Virtual Library to be viewed by the public, but AMCA members would be able to download the documents. The AMF would take over having "scanfests" at major AMCA events. A motion was made by Rick Najera and seconded by Jack Stauffer to move the Virtual Library to a joint venture between the AMCA and the AMF. The motion passed unanimously .

11) Chapter Corporate Non-Profit Filing Fee Proposal: The Board discussed a proposal made by an AMCA member that the AMCA reimburse the monies used for filing to become a chapter. The Board felt that the folks forming the chapter should continue to bare this responsibility as part of their commitment in forming a chapter.

12) National Meet and Road Run Report and Letter of Intent Update. Australian Chapter Review. New National Meet Update San Diego.: Rick reported that all letters of intent have been received. The Letter of Intent language has been changed to reflect that the chapter, or coalition of chapters, are the ones putting on the event and not the AMCA. The Board then went into Executive Session to discuss the proposed Australian Chapter National Meet. When the Board came out of Executive Session there was a discussion about the proposed National Meets in Rimini, Italy and Bulli Australia. Keith advised the Board that the printing deadline for the magazine and the 2017 calendar was within the next ten days and dates for the Italian and Australian National Meets had to be approved now. A motion was made by Donnie Eatherly and seconded by Rick Najera to approve a National Meet in Bulli, Australia on August 25-27, 2017 and a National Meet in Rimini, Italy on September 2-3, 2017, subject to receiving a Certificate of Insurance naming the AMCA as additional insured for each event named above and an application for an AMCA National Meet in accordance with the P&P within a reasonable period of time. Keith will follow up with these Chapters. The motion passed unanimously. The Board also discussed the name change for the Australian Chapter that the Board discussed an approved at the Board meeting in Daytona on March 3, 2016. Keith will follow up on this proposed change. The Board also discussed the possibility of the San Diego Antique Motorcycle Club Chapter, Perros Viejos Chapter and the Los Angeles Chapter co-sponsoring an AMCA National Meet the San Diego area in 2018. All three of the participating chapters are willing to work together. An application and Letter of Intent needs to be submitted before the end of the year if this Meet is to take place in 2018.

13) AMCA Newsletter Content Review. Board and AMCA Member Non-Political Content Submissions Guidelines.:  Richard Spagnolli suggested that the AMCA Newsletter go out to the Membership monthly instead of bi-monthly. He suggested looking for Board Members and AMCA members to write articles for the newsletter and solicit a member to gather these articles into a newsletter. We could advertise in the Mile Marker column of the magazine and in future newsletters to ask for a volunteer to fill this position. 

14) Cannonball Sponsorship and Volunteer Update: The AMCA received excellent exposure from the Motorcycle Cannonball. During the Cannonball, 22 memberships were received. There were a total of 27 stops along the way that were manned by 53 AMCA volunteers. Both the lead cars and the sweep trucks carried the AMCA logo stickers with additional exposure provided along the way from good publicity generated from local TV coverage.

15) Guidelines for Advertising Manager, Banner Ads on Website and New Advertising Rates for 2017: Paul Holdsworth is responsible for all advertising. We need to develop a consistent policy for banner ads. Should the banner advertisers be rotated? Rotating the banner ads would allow selling more banner spaces. Paul will work on general guidelines for approval. Bill Wood and Paul Holdsworth need to develop a rate card for approval in the coming year.

16) P&P Committee Report and Recommended Updates: Whenever minutes are approved with changes to the Policies and Procedures handbook, the changes need to be implemented without further Board approval. There are currently parts of the P&P that are contradictory. The AMCA Treasurer shall act as a consultant if requested by the committee. The P&P Committee will continue the work on making recommended additions and corrections to the P&P. A motion was made by Lonnie Campbell and seconded by Ross Metcalfe to approve changes in the P&P conflict section and amend the Honorary Membership Committee members from three to four. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Break 5:00PM – 5:10PM

17) AMCA Judging Report:  The Board discussed the need for Chief Judge Don Dzurick and the Board to look for an assistant to eventually take over as Chief Judge when Don no longer wishes or is unable to continue to serve as Chief Judge. Don gave a report to the Board outlining the state of judging during the past year. Don will try and seek out a possible backup for the Chief Judge position as soon as possible because he understands the importance of a succession plan for the Chief Judge position.

18) Financial Statements and Lucas Oil Classic Income Statement Views and Barber Meet Reviews: Davette presented a Financial Report to the Board. We are still waiting for vendor payment from the Denton Coalition due to a problem within the coalition. There was a discussion about the Barber Event and the revenue and expenses incurred. The Board had previously not exercised its limited option for an AMCA Lucas Oil Classic National Meet at Barbers in 2017.  A motion was made by Peter MacMurray, and seconded by Lonnie Campbell to approve additional expenses through August 31, 2016 for the AMCA Lucas Oil Vintage Motorcycle Classic in the amount of $7,546.60. The motion passed unanimously. 

19) Proposal from a Gulf Coast Chapter Member to offer Motorcycle Law Enforcement Officers free AMCA Memberships: Jack reported on a proposal by a member of the Gulf Coast Chapter regarding offering free membership to all active motorcycle officers as a show of good will towards all law enforcement. There was a discussion by the Board on this matter. No Action Taken.

20) Grant Committee Report. Underage Riders at National Meets: Fred Davis gave a report from the grant committee that he has not heard from anyone interested in a grant. The Board then had a discussion as to how to deal with underage riders of motorcycles or minibikes at National Meets. The P&P states that no one under the age of 16 shall be permitted to ride or drive a motorcycle or other vehicle at an AMCA National Meet. Several options were discussed including the use of off duty police and creating guidelines about this potential problem to be used by the chapters putting on these events. The Board also was made aware that the use of signs at National Meets advertising this restriction may not be enough to avoid liability in the event of an accident.

Meeting Break 6:45PM -6:52PM

21) Approval of Board Minutes: A motion was made by Lonnie Campbell and seconded by Peter MacMurray to approve the minutes of each of the three Teleconferences held on;  July 6, 2016, July 26, 2016, and September 13, 2016. The motion passed unanimously.

22) Board Member Elections: The Board had a discussion regarding the applicants for the 4 Board positions available. At this point Richard Spagnolli announced that he was withdrawing as an applicant. There were 4 people nominated by the Board members they were; Fred Davis, Donnie Eatherly, Lonnie Campbell, and Dan Krause. Since there were no other nominations, a motion was made to elect the four nominees by a vote of acclimation. Motion made by Peter MacMurray and seconded by Rick Najera.

Richard Spagnolli adjourned the meeting at 7:32PM Eastern Time, on Saturday, September 24, 2016 to be reconvened on Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 8:45 AM Eastern Time in order to give the Board some time to decide on Board officer elections.

The meeting reconvened on Sunday, September 25, 2016. Richard Spagnolli called the meeting to order at 8:50AM. Board Members in attendance the same as those when the meeting was adjourned on September 24, 2016.

23) Board Officer Elections; Nominations for 2017 Board Officers were as follows. Jack Stauffer for Secretary, Davette Bent for Treasurer, Ross Metcalfe, Rick Najera and Fred Davis for Vice President, and for Vice President, Lonnie Campbell for President. A paper ballot vote was taken for Vice President with Ross Metcalfe being elected as Vice President. Lonnie Campbell was elected as President, Davette Bent was elected as Treasurer, and Jack Stauffer was elected as Secretary for 2017, by a vote of acclimation at the Board meeting on September 24, 2016.

The Semi Annual meeting is to be held on March 9, 2017 at the Aku Tiki Hotel in Daytona Beach, Fl.

Richard Spagnolli adjourned the meeting at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, on Sunday, September 25, 2016.

Respectfully Submitted by

Jack Stauffer

AMCA Secretary



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