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Each membership in the AMCA includes a subscription to The Antique Motorcycle, one of the foremost magazines in the country for lovers of classic two-wheeled machines. Published quarterly, The Antique Motorcycle blends gorgeous photography of vintage bikes with in-depth stories on the machines and people who built the sport of motorcycling. It’s also the place where you’ll meet fellow AMCA members and learn about the bikes they have restored and preserved.

In addition, The Antique Motorcycle features advertising focused on the products and services antique-bike collectors need. From a single new-old stock part to an entire restoration, you’ll find multiple sources in the pages of the AMCA’s official magazine. And as an AMCA member, you qualify for free classified ads in the magazine’s Trash and Treasure section, where you can buy or sell anything related to old motorcycles.

Whether you want to learn more about the heritage of motorcycling, stay informed about events in the antique-bike world or find the parts and supplies you need for your own project-bike, The Antique Motorcycle is the source for you.

Remember, you can’t buy The Antique Motorcycle on newsstands. It’s only available when you Join the AMCA. And if you’re not a member now, here’s a sample of what you’re missing:

Winter 2010


The AMCA’s inaugural Southern National Meet puts classic motorcycles in a classic setting

Rhinebeck 2010
Bringing the modern world to antique bikes for four years

Ride To Work Day 2010
Putting the old in the same old commute

Exhibit A
Ray Courtney’s streamlined Henderson

Meet Report
Fort Sutter’s California Classic turns 10


From the Editor
Cross Country, Circa 1915

Wheels in Motion
Wrapping Up 2010 in Style

From the Ground UP
Help the AMF Tell Our Story

Mile Markers
Welcome Home

The Three R's
Electrical Mysteries

What's in a Name?

Pulp Non-Fiction
Flying with the Coventry-Eagle

Young Riders
Basket-Case Build, Part 4

Judging Corner
Wrapping up 2010

Board Minutes
The AMCA Annual Meeting

Trash & Treasure
Buy and sell almost anything for old

End of the Road
Our monthly motorcycle trivia quiz


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