Aug 9, 2019

Century Bikes Needed

Breaking News! Barber changes rules to include 1919 and older bikes.

AMCA was putting a call out for bikes from 1916 and older to participate in the AMCA Century Lap during this year's Barber Vintage Festival. But, now because of the lap being an historical exhibition lap being paced to keep speeds safe, Barbers has decided to make the historical event truly a Century lap.

The lap will take place at Noon on Saturday, October 5th.

A weekend pass and trailer parking will be arranged for anyone who is willing to participate. Note this is not a competition, yet great exposure for our club and an opportunity to make a couple of laps on the greatest roadcourse in America.

To enter the Century Lap, email Keith Kizer at

For more information about the Barber Vintage Festival, click the link.

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