Jul 14, 2018

Women of the AMCA

The AMCA would like to invite everyone to check out the items and events for the women at the Wauseon National 2018 swap meet at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, OH.

Ladies, whether you're hanging with your honey vending or shopping, camping all weekend, and maybe going to Friday night's motorcycle races, or visiting for the day, you should be at the first Women's Meet & Greet with some of the Women Of The AMCA on Saturday, July 21 at 1:30pm at Faber Cycle's vending spots #490-491, on the corner lots directly across from Coker Tire. It is a free informal gathering for all women with light refreshments served, so bring a friend and maybe an extra chair. Hope to see you there! AMCA Women's Committee

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