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Thread: Guy Hendersons trans gears

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    I.D. Guest

    Default Guy Hendersons trans gears

    Just got a slider and cluster from Guy Henderson to put into a 40 .They are absolutely beautiful.My hat,s off to the suppliers that take on these expensive projects to keep these old girls going. I.D.>>>>>>>>>>>

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    INLINE4NUT Guest


    Please as this is good news please expound a little more

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    I.D. Guest

    Default guy Hendersons trans gears

    Guy, Had these gears made by the same jobber that master 4 builder Larry Struck had his made at. They pass the test of in use parts,and dimensionally install with no problems ie no tight spots etc.As far as hardness goes I don,t know of anyone who has worn a set out and I haven,t so that question is up in the air.I don,t know if Guy posts to this forum but if he does maybe he can give the exact particuliars, of this fine product. I.D.>>>>>

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    For those who may be interested, here's a link to Guy's website ... Perry

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    Thanks for posting this I like it!

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