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Thread: Roller bearings 0.25 x 0.50 needed - Peugeot

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Default Roller bearings 0.25 x 0.50 needed - Peugeot

    Can anyone help Daniel out?

    Good night ( it is 22 in Paris France ), To restore my vintage Peugeot motorbike ( year 1934 ) I need 17 rolls diameter 1/4 inch , 1/2 inch lenght to overhaul connecting rod. I had contacted all bearing rolls manufacturers, parts are unobtainable. Could you help me if parts are existing in America? I send you a picture, as you can see Peugeot don't look like Indian or Harley........ Regards Daniel

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    Barry Brown Guest


    Harley used 1/4 inch diameter rollers in .550" and .490" lengths so you could cut down the long ones or use the shorter and not worry about the .010" . The former were used on right crankcase 45's . old part number 305-29 and the latter on MANY applications including wheel hubs, left crankcase VL's ( should be available from Steve Slocombe in England) many Harley gearboxes etc. etc. Harley 45 restoration will have them as will many other dealers. good luck.
    PS Indian also used a .250 roller here and there

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    Barry Brown Guest


    I forgot, the old part number for the latter rollers is 2289-25 The nice thing about Harley rollers is that they are generally available in .002 " oversize increments. Indian rollers are also available oversize AND undersize!

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    Smarty Guest


    Have you tried the Vintage Bearing Co in the UK ?

    They have a very good selection and are very helpful.



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    Jack_Hester Guest

    Default Modern roller numbers

    H-D Late OEM number: 9220 - Size: 0.250"x0.490"
    H-D Late OEM number: 9241 - Size: 0.250"x0.550"


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