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Thread: Thanks Kevin for the winter 2004 article

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Default Thanks Kevin for the winter 2004 article

    I guess one should make as best an effort coming out of the starting gate. As it will allow you to progress quicker? Or does it matter?

    Could you use your first showing as an educational step?

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    kval Guest

    Wink winter articli

    only to glad to help.
    people use both ways of doing it, they do all the research first and make a near perfect bike right away, or they do a little at a time as they learn. the judges and vendors are always more then willing to help new people learn what is right in a restoration. then some people just want a pretty bike and a Junior First is more then enough for them. as long as they ride them and enjoy the bike and the friendship of other club members what else matters.
    P.S. for those that think we on the board get special treatment,
    I have not received my winter issue yet.

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