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    trebornostaw Guest

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    ok, i've got pistons on the way from venolia.they are set up with 2 compression rings no oil ring .590 wristpin. with that size wristpin i can ream out the origional upper rod bushings and use them. now where can i get a crankpin and an output shaft? this engine(1913)uses the early style pin 1912-1914 . part d175

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    Pete Gagan Guest


    Hi There:
    Mike Smith of Antique Motorcycle Works in Oregon ought to be able to help you. I got a new crankpin from him a few years back, and he's constantly reproducing parts for Hedstroms.
    Mike or Matt Smith at
    Interestingly, the '13 used a bronze bushing bigend, whereas 1914 and later used rollers. The board track racers all used the bushing setup past '13, which made me conclude that it was not such a bad system. Most Brit bikes of the period use bushings, and its simpler to fix.
    Pete Gagan
    Pete Gagan

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