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Thread: Four sided nipples- Indian two sided.

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Default Four sided nipples- Indian two sided.

    Kevin or Robin. Are four sided nipples deducted on an Indian? Those two sided ones are a pain that I would like to avoid. Do you guys expect the little B's to be filed off the heads of spokes? And yes- I'm considering checking myself into hospital.

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    My 38 Indian wheels have 4 sided nipples (and I believe it still has original spokes/nipples) but it's not a Scout. The original nipples from my 46 Harley big twin were 4 sided but I know on the 125s Harley used 2 sided nipples until mid way through the 1952 season. I take the B's off the spoke head when I use Buchanan spokes, Never crossed my mind not to ... Perry

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Thanks Perry - this 37 scout I was looking at had two sided. And Buch sells them now. I feel it's a pain to use them. So I went w/ the four sided.

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