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    Paquette Guest

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    I restore vintage solo and buddy seats and have a few questions about judging criteria. What do you look for in a restored (recovered) seat? Can skirts that were originally made of plastic be made of leather? Some of the old spots are no longer available but close replacements can be made, are these acceptable? Lastly, does anyone know the difference in the 47 and 48 deluxe solo seats? They look the same and I have seen both rolled and cobbled edges and leather and plastic skirts, which is correct. a big thanks in advance for your help--Michael

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    kval Guest

    Default judging seats

    check with Toney Watson for information about seats. he has researched this area and knows almost all the answers

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    PAM Guest

    Default Judging Seats

    How can I get in touch with tony,just put post up re. seat color finish for 41 WLD,options are black,brown,tan.My ? is not sure if brown or tan was available.Thanking you in advance.

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    Paquette Guest

    Default judging seats

    Tony where are you? Worsham Castle Cycle Leather has been doing seat and saddlebag restorations for 4 years and while I have recieved accolades from my customers with no complaints, I would like to know how the AMCA judges view seat and saddlebag restorations ( I say restoration because if you use an OEM seat pan, they ARE NOT REPOPS.) I am well known by members of the Harley Hummer Club and would like to provde AMCA customers with restoration services so I want to do it right--so Tony where are you-- I will be in Davenport so expect to see the new kid on the block in September--Michael--WCCL

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    kval Guest


    Toney is out of town right now, and does not have a computer.
    if you are going to Davenport look me up and I will introduce you to him

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    AdminGuy Guest


    The incredible Toney Watson works with The magnificent Rocky Halter out of Massillon, Ohio. Red Fred did good little story on his garage raid. Found on the VI web site.

    You would be best to talk to him in person.

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