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Thread: Restoring aluminum fins

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Default Restoring aluminum fins

    I'm going to start the process of restoring the SS heads. I'm going to try to write an article for the AMCA zine about the process. Photo incl.

    Mine I feel -are pretty nasty. We are going to use a process of new virgin material for some fins and a slow build-up and file down or cut back for others. We are using a water cooled Miller TIG.

    I'm going to document the process while trying to show some of the problems and solutions that we come across.

    Do you have any specific tips that you can give me? Do you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like to see addressed?

    Pls let me know asap.
    Paul Edwards -

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    Don Gardner Guest


    The guy that repairs fins for me uses an air gun attachment that looks like a bunch of tiny needles to give the aluminum that uneven cast finish. He says that the attachment is suppose to be for removing rust from steel, but he turns the gun air pressure down. He finishes it up with bead blasting, but I don't know what material he's using in his bead blaster. His repairs are undetectable when finished.

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    T. Cotten Guest


    I use steel shot for the finish:

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    AdminGuy Guest


    The final job in 3D! ---makes it more exciting doesn't it!

    Glasses from movie "Spy Kids-in 3D"

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