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    I was out on my 72 shovel yesterday (almost 35 years old). It has an inline clear plastic fuel filter on it, soon to be removed.
    Anyway after it got hot and I was crusing down the Turnpike it started cutting out like I was out of gas. I flipped on the reserve and loosened up the gas cap and it would cut on and off untill it shut down completely, so I pulled over. The fuel filter was about one third full of gas. Stupidly I had no tools, but after searching the dirt around the shoulder futilely looking for a phillips screwdriver I kicked the bike over a bunch and it started. The cutting out continued when I traveled 55 or over. So I went back home on the side roads and had no problem even when I goosed it hard.
    I seem to have had this problem many years ago when also running the inline filter and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I was thinking maybe when it gets hot some type of vaporlock occours.
    As soon as I get the chance I will remove the filter and road test it. The bike has the original Bendix on it and runs perfect otherwise.
    I would apreciate any suggestions,

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    I have also seen this problem before, one was caused by a clogged vent on the gas caps, also beware of the dreaded intake leak. Or possible clogging of the high speed mainjet nozzle.

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    Thanks for the reply,
    I thought first of a clogged vent on the cap thats why I took off the cap It seemet to fix it at first but then cut out completely. I do not think it is the jet either as it takes some prolonged running at speed over 55 to cause the problem, ditto for a air leak.
    I will remove the gas filter and road test, it is an odd problem.

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