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Thread: Hrdly-Dangrs' Project Sportster Drag Bike

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    Hrdly-Dangrs Guest

    Exclamation Hrdly-Dangrs' Project Sportster Drag Bike

    Well, finally a pic of my Iron Head Sportster 'Drag Bike' project I've been working on. Right now its set up to run legally on the street, (barely...w/ temporary forward foot pegs, lights, small mirror and a horn that goes Beep!.. Ha!) There's no generator, so it runs 'Total Loss' electrics, (waiting on the Joe Hunt Magneto) Been twisting the throttle at the stop lights and one or two sections of Rt23 and Rt80 while I make adjustments. Still a lot of work to go!! Been busy working on the rear aluminum struts and fender supports as well as the rear shifter/brake sets. Putting the NOS Aluminum wheels and hubs together at this time also. Will get started on the Fiberglass 'false' fuel tank shell and rear fender soon. Lot's to do!! Remember I'm keeping it to 'Period' Parts and HP Mods only, so there's more researching and parts scouting yet to do also. No I want it to be correct to show at AMCA and hopefully a dependable/consistant Racer! Check the 'Parts Wanted' site for some of the things I still need....It changes as I find the parts and add/change others. Thanks L.A for re-sizing the photo for me!! Someday I'll fiqure out how to get it done myself...don't hold your breath though...cause I have a small brain and thick skull!! Takes some time for these new fangled electronic stuff to sink in!! Ha!...Later.. ..Hrdly-Dangrs........NOW LET'S TALK SPORTSTERS......

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    61 panman Guest


    That is sharp..!!!! to put it mildly. It must be a blast to ride. I hope you bring it to Harmony this year so we can check it out in person. RIDE ON

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    Hrdly-Dangrs Guest


    Thanks Doug. It's been a fun project to date. I have a spot at Harmony and will be bringing the Sporty with me. Does make for a great Street bike and 'Bar Hopper'. But it's destined to be a legit Drag Bike....Should have the 18" R and 19" F NOS Aluminum wheels on it by then as well as the Aluminum rear struts and rear sets. I don't know, theres something about these old Ironhead Sportsters....Maybe the sound and vibrations....whatever....All I know is whenever I jump on this bike and run it thru the gears I feel 17 years old again!...... .....Hrdly-Dangrs

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    L. A. Guest

    Question Hrdly...

    would you mind if I posted the pic on another site? I've got some friends who would love to see this bike!

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    Hrdly-Dangrs Guest


    Sure...... ...Hrdly-Dangrs

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    Hrdly-Dangrs Guest

    Default Aluminum XR-750 Motor Mounts.

    I Recently spotted a set of XR-750 style aluminum front motor mounts for sale on e'bay. The seller had made several for a customer and had 1 set left over. Unfortunately I missed bidding on them. Fortunately I kept his e'mail address and after contacting him I commisioned him to make me up a set for my Drag bike project. However, mine will have a series of holes drilled in them to lighten them further and go along with the 'Pecker Head' theme of the bike. These will be made from aircraft quality aluminum so they should hold up well. While these parts are being CNC machined, they are a Period correct mod and could be produced by the machining tools of the time. They're due to ship by Saturday or Monday. If these come out well, I will likely collaberate on the aluminum rear struts and rear sets I'm working on. The combination of these components will easily drop another 10-15 lbs of the bikes weight and provide me with the corrrect seating/shifting stance I'm looking for. One more step to getting this bike on the track & down the 1/4 mile! I'll up-date and report back with the results of the front mounts after fitting them to the bike. Maybe worth a pic too....Later... Hrdly-Dangrs

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    Hrdly-Dangrs Guest

    Thumbs up How I Spent My Summer...(or How I'm Spending My Winter)

    Been a busy Summer, what with getting a local Car/Motorcycle Show up and going, so I haven't done much to the Sportster Drag Bike project. Mostly just hauled it around to a few shows and ran it thru the gears on Rt23 and Rt80! I did get the front motor mounts in...really nice! Complete with holes of course!! Will put them on over the winter along with the Rear Sets and Struts. I'l get a pic of them up for you to see this week. The 18" and 19" aluminum wheels are all trued and polished and awaiting their new tires. Keeping with the Period Modified theme, I'll use an Avon Speedmaster on front. For the rear, I'll likely use a street/strip Dunlop for actual drag racing. I've been in contact with an old biker buddy of mine that still has his original Avon Drag Slick rear tire/aluminum 18" wheel combo off his 74" stroker MUCH MODIFIED Sportster from the late sixties. (YES...He still has the Sportster too...untouched and unridden since around 1980!!) He'll loan me the wheel combo when I bring the Sportster to Harmony next year to remain Period Correct. Won't be long and I'll be eligible to show it in the Competition Class as well as the new Period Modified Class .....PERIOD CORRECT.....YOU BET!! Looks like its going to be a busy Winter too! In Keeping with the 'Period Correct' Sportster Drag Bike Theme.... I have manage to score an old Bolens Tractor, vintage late 60's which I plan to use as my Pit/Tow Vehicle and Parts Chaser. Neat looking little thing. Reminds me of a '32 Duece Roadster. Soon as I seen it....Visions of 'Rat Fink' and 'Maltese Crosses' immediately jumped into my 48 going on 9 years old brain!! Somebody had done a fast 'red' paint job on the front hood and the rear fender/seat assembly. Naturally, I can't leave well enough alone, so...break out the striping tape and layout a nice 50's scallop design...mask off and paint some great white scallops...and outline it in some nice purple pinstriping....COOL....Now, drill a couple holes in the upper left and right front corner area of the hood and pop in a couple of glass 'blue dots' to layout a Bad Ass Maltese Cross (in Black of course) outline in white pinstripe on the red grille....NEAT.......and lets put one on the back for the hell of it....hhmmm....I know....lets put a matching 'Pecker Head' decal right in the center of the rear Maltese Cross....YEAH....outline it in white pinstripe too......WHOA.....somethings missing.....A SKULL...Got to have a SKULL.....OK...found a nice one with red glass eyes...eight ball sized...put it right on that tall know the one that drops the mower cutting deck (thats no longer there....nope...don't need that grass on the blacktop)..... and lets not forget the '8-Ball' for the shifter.....NICE! Starting to look like a Pit/Tow Vehicle! Pop on a new chrome tow ball and make up an extension for the rear frame...need a place to bolt the old wooden Coca-Cola crate to for all the parts I'm looking for....Yep you guessed it....."Lots More To Come".....Need a couple of old MC headlamps for the front and maybe a cats eye tail/brake light too, paint the wheels red and blah..blah...blah....NEVER ENDS!!....SPECS??....Nice old Wisconsin 'Thumper'...8.5 H.P., Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, FLATHEAD, Cast Iron Engine w/Aluminum Head and Bendix Carb....similiar to the old 'Mustang' Motorcycles engines.....drives a 6 spd Hi/Lo, no synchros w/reverse, adjustable 'Posi' type rear transaxle!.....It loves to pull the front wheels!!.....Just like the Sportster!!.....C-O-O-O-O-L MAN!!....I think I'll break out the TIKI glasses and mix me some Rum and Cokes....I may not think STOCK....But I'm PERIOD CORRECT!!.... Hrdly-Dangrs.....PS....tried putting on a pic but it turned out crappy. Will take more pics tomorrow at lower pix level on camera....should make for better photo here.

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    L. A. Guest

    Default Parts????

    You need parts????????????

    Lotsa m/c swap mets comin up!
    Walneck's, Olney, etc.

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    k. anderson Guest

    Default jap bikes are faster

    just informed my chapter,
    sunflower... kansas, oklahoma, nebraska n colorada...
    ..that i am in the process of putting togather a
    ...vintage drag bike.
    have been attending the truitt & osborne bike drags for over 20 years... not that i would ever go mid 10's 125 mph, on a lay down frame.. 72/73...
    but already have a pit girl... aka (jungle jim n pam)...

    looking for a younger rider, with health and life insurance.
    plan is to roll it out of the van at the next t&o race..
    3rd weekend of august...

    anderson engineering...

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    k. anderson Guest



    something like this
    only at the bike drags...

    with a vintage drag bike

    will be at the lonestar shoot out sunday for the finals

    riding out there on a new fat boy (rental)
    and i do not like new harley's or very many of the people that ride them,
    but iwill try anything twice

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