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Thread: Engine number quandry

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    bobolope Guest

    Unhappy Engine number quandry

    Ok, here's one to keep folks guessing for a while. I own a 1915 (or so I surmise) little twin Indian. The motor is definitely a Hedstrom, NOT a powerplus. However, the engine number is:


    Everything I've ever seen on the engine numbering says a J motor is 1917, but again, everything I've ever seen says the Hedstrom motor stopped being used in 1915, with the powerplus motor taking its place for 1916.

    Anybody got a clue as to what I might be the owner of??????


    Nevada Bob

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    Beddo Guest


    Hi Bob

    Did you ever get an answer to your question regarding your Hedstrom little twin?

    I am in Australia and have recently come across two similar machines ie little twin Hedstrom motors in bikes that look like the pics in the 1915 catalog, BUT owners claim they are 1916 and 1917 models with engine numbers 50Hxxx and 60Jxxx respectively.

    I am also interested in the answer as I am considering the purchase of one of these machines and would like to know its history. I am starting to wonder if Indian continued to export the Hedstrom-motored machines to places like Australia after the 1915 USA cut-off??



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