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Thread: Looking for mechanic

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    IHHD Guest

    Default Looking for mechanic

    I am looking for a mechanic in the Cincinnati area who would be competent to work on a 1946EL Harley-Davidson. Bike is restored but has sat for about two years, has some carb issues.

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    Jim M Guest

    Default Possible Carb Problems

    Just a suggestion. If you are sure it is a carb problem there are several linkert specialists in the country that you can easily mail the carb too for a quick look over and repair. This may be easier than loading and unloading the bike. In the midwest, Colin Tawney at Conans Classics ( is the local expert on Linkerts. Again, this is a suggestion that may save you the trouble of having to lug the bike around.

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Victory lib. also has a couple of interesting, straight forward books. Linkert.

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