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    gtsickle Guest

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    Aloha from Maui Hawaii, we are trying to locate the judging criterias for bikes, just a place so we can look so we know which direction to go with this 1926 Indian Scout? I'm finding George Yaroci's statement that there will be alot of conflicting info to becoming very true. Joining the AMCA only just last night I'm still fairly green to all of it . any help would greatly be grinned apond. Mahalo

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Aloha gtsickle, Peter Heintz or Kevin Valentine (judging directors) should be able to hook you up. The club has a judging hand book regarding rules. Specific info re 26 scout can come from a number of different club experts. Maybe you could ask specific questions in the Indian Scout area of this Forum?

    Peter and Kevin email located in > "The Club" > "Meet your National Board".

    I was very fortunate 2 years ago when on the big Island (Kona coast). I rented a HD elec. glide and was able to tour the island and ranch country. What a great time! I meet alot of local riders (not tourists) on the road who were really friendly and helpful. Some day I'll make it back over to the Maui Island for a tour also. Do you think you would have enough people on Maui to start an AMCA chapter? You need 12 I think. It would pretty cool to see some pictures of you folks on a road run or something.

    I know there's a guy on the Big Island (N. of Hilo) w/ a Henderson. Maybe you could start a general Hawaiian chapter incorporating all the islands?

    A big MAHALO right back to you. Good to hear from you!

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    oldmotocyclist Guest


    Aloha, I've got a 30 Indian Four so maybe we can have a four clyinder club on the Big Island! This is a great club with both good and bad folks - just like anywhere else.

    Seriously, I'm waiting on my roster (april 1st) so I can find this Henderson owner!

    We moved here from Kauai last fall and am still getting to know the areas. HI137 is a great little run - excepting the salt mist.

    Look for an old blue 68 FLH.

    Mahalo for your kokua

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