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    Geo Guest

    Default Heads

    Anybody out there have a set of heads. I'm restoring a ' 65 FLH and need some external oilers. I have a matched set that come off a 1948. Their in fairly good shape, (couple of chipped fins) if you think you might want to trade.

    Or if you just want to sell, I'll let you pay the shipping if the price is cheap enough.

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    Geo Guest


    Ok, I guess I'll keep my old heads.
    The right case half on this project came off a '53 so I can use them.
    Where's the best place to send these heads to have the fins repaired, new seats, ect. I've been told that Truett and Osborn in Wichita, Ks. do good head work.
    Any suggestions?

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    Carl N. Olsen Guest

    Default head repair

    I can fix you up on your head repair by welding all broken fins, replacing seats with nickle chrome alloy one, cast iron valve guides, nitride coated valves, and a 3 angle valve job. GGive me a call at 605-225-5702.
    Carl N. Olsen
    Carl's Cycle Supply

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