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    I am reproducing some Thor parts (carburators and two speed transmissions) and am looking for other interested parties to help spread the cost out. I am also interested in any Thor parts

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    Hi Greg, Just curious. Who would you contract to make the carbs? Who made them initially? What Co.

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    AMCAGREG Guest


    Thor (Aurora Automatic Machine) made the carbs for Indian and themselves until 1906, then continued making their own carbs
    until 1914. In 1915 they got smart and switched to Scheblers.
    There are probably 2 motors surviving for every carb.
    I have a machinist in Germany who says he can make the carbs for a reasonable price. I will see how he does with the two speed trannies first.

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    Hi Greg,
    Were you able to reproduce the 2 speed hub? If so please post a few pics and let us know how its running.


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