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Thread: manual for jd

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    slowjoe Guest

    Default manual for jd

    Wher can I get a Parts book and a Shop Manual for a 1923 JD?

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    Perry Ruiter Guest


    You can get parts books from most any of the
    major suppliers. Since your location is shown
    as California, here's a "local" aupplier:
    but reprints are also available from:
    and many others.
    I'm not aware of a specific service manual for
    your model, but Harley produced a motor overhaul
    manual in 1918. A reprint of that is also available
    from some of the above sources as are shop dope
    collections (factory to dealer information
    bulletions) which contain a lot of valuable information.
    Another source is Ted Gump in Oregon. I can't
    locate the list of literature that he reprints,
    but I think it includes both parts books covering your
    era and the motor overhaul manual. His prices are
    very reasonable. He will almost surely be the low
    cost provider. His email address is:
    Hope this helps ... Perry

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    slowjoe Guest


    Thanks Perry

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