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Thread: Spec this bike

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    AdminGuy Guest

    Question Spec this bike

    Can you guess the year and model of this machine?
    Just for fun....

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    KNUCK Guest


    Just to get things going I will take a wild guess and say 1926 Indian Model L Prince.

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Truth----someone flipped me the picture of there grandfather. So I posted it. Maybe a little to easy. hummmmmm. Thanks Knuck

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    wfo Guest


    Sure would help, if photo was larger, and or better quality. Motorcycle is an Indian, and looks like a single cylinder. Has a 1915 front fender, and a 1915 muffler. Cradle spring frame makes her a 1913-later. Bell crank speed control makes her 1917-back. I'll say 1915. Send me a better photo, and I will give you a definite answer.

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    AdminGuy Guest


    Sadly, that's as good as it gets. THx for response.

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