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Thread: Recommended cylinder/exhaust paint for 48 Panhead

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    Default Recommended cylinder/exhaust paint for 48 Panhead

    Hi Guys

    Silver and black - is there a specific Harley paint that was used, and where can you get it, or a substitute that is acceptable by AMCA judges?



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    Greg, after years of repainting my exhaust systems, I finally caved and went with ceramic coating. It's the closest I've seen to factory finish and it wears like iron. My powder coater does it, and to my surprise, it wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. The only problem with the silver coating is that it stains when oil gets on it when it's hot, but I endure that as opposed to removing and repainting every season. And believe me, I used to take great pains cleaning and thin spraying multiple coats of high heat paint, only to have it blister off in the first 100 miles of operation.[/ATTACH]20191128_072425.jpg20191128_072501.jpg 20191128_072410.jpg
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    On my Chiefs I have been using VHP high heat manifold paint... flat black. I have tried ceramic coating in silver and flat black, and I did not like the results... I didn't think it held up very well after about two years. I went back to paint, but it took several brands until settled on the VHP brand. After 4 yrs on my bobber pipes, the VHP has worked out well. I got away from the silver color because of the stains and inconsistent appearance. My restored bikes are finished with the VHP paint, and I used the bobber example because I ride it a whole lot more than the others.
    I don't thin the application, but I do apply at least 3 coats of paint. Air dry for 2-3 days, then bake in the oven as directed. Twice. Then, mount the headers and mufflers carefully, I put paper sleeves on the pipes when I slide on the clamps, so as not to scratch the finish.
    I've used the VHP on the cylinders too. Follow the same procedure. Bake them twice, allowing them to cool completely between baking cycles. I'm pretty happy with the results.
    Good Luck, C2K

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    I bought a can of heat resistant silver from H-D a little over a year ago. The p/n is 98660-78, it had to be ordered, and cost about $24.00. This color is correct for Panhead,
    most Shovelhead, and early Sportster barrels.

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    I agree with VPD. I've used the Harley Heat resistant spray-can paints since 1970 with great results. They changed it in some way in '78 but I never experienced any difference other than the design of the spray can.
    In fact, the only two reasons for me to visit a Harley dealership these days is for the motor paint and panhead/knucklehead batteries.
    Bill Pedalino
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    I use H-D paint for any motor silver or black paint needed.
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