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Thread: Original Vs. Reproduction H-D Spark Plugs

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    Default Original Vs. Reproduction H-D Spark Plugs

    Years ago, I heard that somebody in Poland reproduced the large #3 H-D spark plugs and boxes.
    As I recall, they were decent repos but you could tell the difference due to bar/shield logo being slightly different
    than the originals(?).
    Can anybody elaborate or steer me to a appropriate thread?
    Thank you.

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    The plugs worked OK but there were several detail differences from original that I do not recall. My Dutch friends will know, as the plugs were passed off in the Netherlands as nos. I do remember the boxes were thicker material than original, and I do have a couple left. Card is about 1 mm, say 40 thousandths, thick when I recall original boxes being a bit thinner.

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