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Thread: Greeting from Arizona!

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    Default Greeting from Arizona!

    Good afternoon,
    fellow AMCA members, its glad to finally join you. Though I have been a member on and off for many years I had never taken any steps to get involved on the forums. My bad for not doing so sooner...looking forward to the wealth of knowledge to be gained from people who care and love to matter what you ride.

    I have always loved motorcycles but it wasn't until 1995 that I became intrigued with Vintage bikes. I was working in Grand Rapids MI at the time and didn't have anything to do on the weekends but look around and since I loved junk yards that is where I spent most of time my. One day I came across Easy Russ who had a junk yard down the street from the factory. As it turned out Easy Russ had lots of VL and J Series stuff, school buses full of it! So for $1000.00 I purchased a 1935 VLD motor, trans and frame. I also purchased a VL front end, complete wheels and mics items.

    Flash forward a couple of years when I first went to Davenport and met Steve Slocombe. As it turned out I had a fairly rare VLDD, an 80" motor which only 179 were made. I purchased his restoration book and started acquiring parts....still acquiring parts . As of today the engine has been rebuilt by Highway Choppers in Glendale and frame ready.

    Soon the rest of the bike will finally be finished and ready for many miles of joy! I was finally able to purchase a 1925 J Series, cant wait to get it back on the road after sitting since the 90's....and no it wont take 25+ years this time!

    More posts to follow but just wanted to take a moment and say thank you and look forward to your insight.


    Mark Lieber

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    Welcome Mark!

    They don't get much more honorable than Easy Russ.

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