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Thread: 1936 VLD Carb support bracket

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    Its a fat hex in your second pic, NCRiding!

    The bolt that the lowspeed pivots upon, when you work the choke.
    (It should be a 3/8" hex.)

    Your bowl didn't originally use a gasket, and repops are fat for later M53s and such.
    (I punch thin paper ones for modern hygiene, and a few thou in float height shouldn't be that critical, as long as it is reasonably "square" to the top.)

    Kits always have crap you don't need, or crappy in other ways.
    (Its where vendors hide their 'seconds'.)

    PS: I'd post a pic, but the vendor isn't here to defend himself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Slocombe View Post
    To answer Jim's question, yes that's the way VL engine numbers run, with the different models interleaved in the Big Twin number series. The small twins would have a separate series, so 35VLD1234 and 35RLD1234 would still be OK. You can see this in the VL Register, which records the 1200 or so VL engine numbers collected over the last 20+ years, where occasionally two consecutive surviving serial numbers are from different models, eg VD and VLD.

    That is interesting! Thank You Steve!

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