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    I have a transmission slider, that has 19 teeth on the slider big gear. The later slider gears have 20 teeth on the big gear on the slider. From what I under stand there is a cluster gear that used the 19 tooth slider gear. Anyone know about this different cluster gear that uses a different slider? Stan

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    Stan, the slider big gear from my 1941 Chief 3 speed has 19 teeth, as does the new replacement that I got from Greer. The slider big gear in my 1916 PowerPlus has 18 teeth. Those are the only two models of Indian transmissions that I’ve worked on. Did they change the gear ratios in later Chiefs?


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    I believe the 2nd gear ratio changed in the 20's on the chief, by 1 tooth. The slider changed from 18 to 19 and the cluster went down one tooth.

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