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    I have an old Excelsior Motor sitting on a display shelf for 25+ years. (See attachment) I don't know alot about it other than the engine cases are stamped 91918 below the rear cylinder and it is missing the magneto.

    My questions are:
    What is the model and year of this motor?
    And what is it's possible value if I decide to sell it?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    I am not sure of the year/model, but, you should build a motorcycle around it and then we will know for sure!

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    I believe your motor is a 1917 based on the s.n. and the cylinder castings. It was used in the Excelsior Big X which was the standard motor. Excelsior also offered a 2 stroke single, and the rare Big Valve Excelsior. As for value, I would put it on ebay where the world can tell you what it's worth. Motors were often saved, but it's the chassis sheet metal, and ancillary items that are so rare and valuable. I built up 3 Excelsiors in the 1990s but it would be a lot tougher today.
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    Thank you for your comments-I appreciate it

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    Great motor! I'd love to see more pictures of other side and internals. please keep me in mind if you decide to sell it.

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