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Thread: Tillotson Adjustable Main Jet

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    Default Tillotson Adjustable Main Jet

    I'm assembling a Tillotson carburetor for my 1970 XLCH and am installing an adjustable main jet. I have a NOS adjustable main jet kit still in the factory envelope (without the installation sheet) and an aftermarket kit from Ted. Both look almost identical. Upon examination I notice that both kits are provided without the gasket that normally goes between the stock main jet and the aluminum body (P/N 27640-66, 'Gasket, main jet'). It's been many years since I've installed one to these and am wondering if the gasket is not used for the adjustable setup (as in 'not needed') or if I must find a new gasket.

    Also, If I remember correctly, the initial setting for the adjustable main jet was 1-1/2 turns out. can any one verify or correct this?

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