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Thread: 1970 FLH Flasher/Spotlamp wiring

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    Default 1970 FLH Flasher/Spotlamp wiring

    Head light housing hazard.jpg

    Re-wiring my low mile 1970 FLH. The headlight housing has 2 toggle switches for "flasher" and "spotlamp". However the service manual wiring diagram does not show these switches but they are in the parts manual listed as new for 1970.

    Anyone know how these are supposed to be wired?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I noticed that it doesn’t show up in the wiring schematic until you get to the page for 1973 and newer.
    I like to source the power for the spot lights from the ignition circuit rather than the headlight circuit so they can be operated independently, whether the switch is turned to headlight or not.
    This saved me last week at 5:00 AM when the headlight wire broke off the ignition switch on my way to work. I was able to motor on with just the spots and still clock in on time.
    Funny, I had some concern of course about having no tail light, but the one time a car approached from the rear in this secluded neck of the woods, the broken wire happened to bounce over and make connection just long enough for the car to pass, then it went out again.
    Goooood motorcycle.

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    Thanks for that info. In the past I've noticed that wiring schematics for a particular year don't show up until later years. There is no turn signal wiring diagram for 1966 until the 1967 model year although turn signal were available in '66.

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