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Thread: Cadmium plating for my 36EL

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    Default Cadmium plating for my 36EL

    I have been going over magnification of my 36EL Factory pictures to identify what was Cadmium plated. Here is what I have come up with. Have I missed anything?

    Cone nut
    Handlebar hold nut
    Steering damper parts
    Bearing cups
    Spring hold down washers
    Spring fork bushings
    Ride control parts
    Rocker studs
    Brake shackle bolt
    Star cover
    Spokes & Nipples
    Brake pedal
    Cutout relay mount plate
    Gas strainer
    Base and case nuts
    Clutch bushing in kicker cover
    Starter spring anchor
    Tranny filler
    Chain adjusters
    Carburetor support
    Top end oil line fittings
    Battery wing nuts (Solid Type)
    Seat post
    Front brake cable pin
    Cable coil seal
    Clutch rocker
    Timing plug
    Clutch rod
    Shift lever on trans
    Rear axle and brake nuts
    Clutch throw-out arm
    Shift rod, clevis & bolt/nut
    Spark plugs
    Coil/plug wire retainers
    Rocker arms
    Screw for front brake cable on fork
    Kick pedal end plates and cap
    Wheel lugs
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    Glad you are making progress, its good to see retirement is treating you with much deserved project time.
    Bob Rice #6738

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