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Thread: Value of a 1937 Harley UL 80? Starting a business and need some capital...

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    Default Value of a 1937 Harley UL 80? Starting a business and need some capital...

    I have a 1937 Harley UL 80 (I believe it is an 80) it is not running but is pretty damn complete aside from some of the chrome bits, brake lines and throttle lines. Engine turns freely it can be restored easily for sure paint is a mess there is a lot of surface rust. I'll post pics later.

    Basically I am trying to understand what I should do with the bike. Do I get it running (I dont have much time as a new dad, working and planning a business), do I just get it together as much as I can since the body and tank are off the bike? Are there any resources local to Connecticut or the Northeast I can reach out to that wont want to steal it?

    I am trying to start a business and after many years of this being in my garage waiting to restore it after the endless amounts of BMW's that keep filtering in and out of my garage. I think its time to sell it I just don't know the best way or how I could understand close to what its value is.

    I'll post pics tonight.

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    Pictures are everything, take many, in focus, with details. Ability to show an unmolested engine number and matching case numbers also helps build value. An engine with mangled numbers is not worth much, as that's an indication of a previous theft.
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    Got it Im a photographer I am going to try to pull it out this weekend and do a detailed shoot. Here are some pics to hold you over.

    Click the link above apparently my pictures are too large.

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    It is a "Johnny Cash" special. Parts from the '30's-'60's.
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    That's a high engine number, so maybe among the last of the 6800 Big Twin U flatheads made that year. Do you have a title? Does it have the one-year cylinders? If you have other priorities, leave it to someone else to restore or part out. You could tack it together to look more complete, or just leave it as the photos. Put it on eBay with a low start price and it will find its value, perhaps to someone on this forum, or maybe you'll get a fair offer before then and save the auction costs.

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    I do have the title. Not sure on the cylinders. I got the fenders, bags, light bar and all the bits I could back on the bike. Unfortunately dont have enough of the mounting hardware for the pizza cutters / cheese cutter bumpers. This thing 95%+ all there minus some trim lines for throttle and electrical like wiring harness. Its kicking over smoothly. This is going to be a good runner for someone to restore. I made sure storing it all these years I've had it that it has been in dry places usually temp controlled.

    I am getting closer to selling the bike I have about 30 offers and they keep going higher and higher. I am debating throwing it on Bring A Trailer or EBAY to see what she'll go for.

    In the interim I have a 1994 BMW R100R for sale if anybody wants it make me an offer!

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    Only 1937 U, UL cylinders are 3-5/16" bore (3.3125", same as EL) as always for 74" U, UL, but use the 120-37/371 13 fin casting otherwise only found on 1937-41 80" UH, ULH with 3-27/64" bore (3.421875", inherited from the VL). 1938-48 U/UL use the 11 fin 120-38/381 casting.

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    Well it is a 13 FIN so what does this tell me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beinggodisgreat View Post
    Well it is a 13 FIN so what does this tell me?
    That they are likely the original cylinders on that bike, however without seeing inside them it doesn't tell you anything more than that. And your pics already had shown they were 13 fin.
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    I am getting closer to selling the bike I have about 30 offers and they keep going higher and higher.
    List on ebay, you will get the best offer, my guess is $13.5k in present state.

    If you have the original tanks, fenders, wheels, handlebars it would bring more.

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