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    I Have a collection of NSU bikes that I will be selling. They are all Max, SuperMax, SpecialMax, Maxi and SuperFox bikes in original unrestored condition. From what I understand, they were the most widely sold bike in the early to mid 50's. They are all four stroke overhead cam motors with cam driven valve gear that is unique to NSU's. These bikes vary in price based on condition from $1,500 to $4,000. I have a few pictured. They have been in storage since the 80's. They do turn over. I took about 6 hours and got one running quite well. I don't have time to do that with all of them. Pictured is a Black Supermax, a red max and a black supermax, a fully chromed Special Max, an original black and a blue Maxi, A Max california bobber. There are others with conditions varying from good original to rough but quite restorable originals. There is also an Adler and a CZ and a complete cutaway CZ motorcycle. I don't have titles and am trying to decide if I should get them or sell them a bit cheaper as they are. This depends on how much interest I have in them. Please email me or call me for any additional info or to just discuss this marguee. Thanks, Steve geiger 646-645-1582 or email
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