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Thread: Intake manifold nipple

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    Interesting posts about removing the rivet on the intake nipple. I have a similar problem, but on a different application. When I'm not working on my FL, I putter around with a 1964 Ducati 100cc 2 stroke single cylinder. I'm trying to properly install the air cleaner. The PO of the bike directly mounted the air cleaner to the carb intake (you can see it in the first picture). It looks good, but it interferes with the tool box cover. Originally, the air cleaner had a 30 degree aluminum elbow between it and the carb intake. It tilted the air cleaner down enough so that you could open the silver tool box cover.
    I managed to find an old air cleaner on Ebay with the 30 degree elbow, but the elbow won't screw out of the old air cleaner because someone drilled a hole through the threads. Instead of a rivet, it looks like they might have put some sort of set screw in it (there's nothing in the hole now).

    The posts about replacing the Indian manifold nipples advise to cut the old nipple to get it out and not damage the cylinder threads. However, given the scarcity of parts, I don't want to damage the Ebay air cleaner by cutting it off the elbow. Anyone have any ideas on how to unscrew the aluminum elbow without damaging the threads or destroying the steel air cleaner?

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    Typically, John,..

    Its HDs that need the cut-n-crush method, particularly Pans.
    (Chiefs rarely need replacement, and Sport Scouts only when too long of a headbolt has already started to crush the nipple.)

    Cast iron cylinderheads suffer much less, if they haven't been over-torqued upon the rivet.

    I have no clue about your Duc, but heat and Kroil would be the first step.
    Sometimes a sealer or adhesive has to be cooked to release it.

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    Sorry for the misunderstanding on the HD vs Chief cut-n-crush method. I learn something new each day.

    Thanks for the advice about the heat and Kroil. I had started to try heat and PB blaster, but things weren't moving so before I applied max force, I decided to seek the wisdom here. I'll go back and try it again and this time add a little more force.

    The Duc, brings back memories of the first bike I owned, but I have a 48 Chief, 82 FLH, and a 47 UL in a million pieces (someday it will come together). I greatly appreciate everyone's efforts to post here and help preserve/pass along the many years of knowledge and lessons learned.


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