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Thread: Sputtering Chief

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssantelman View Post
    I removed the carb, made a plate and discovered I do have two manifold to head leaks. I also determined there is a small head gasket leak, there was not sign of combustion leak in the area.

    Its kind of amazing it had been running real well...

    I checked my usual Indian parts sources and did not see and PEEK Manifold Cones; any suggestions?
    You can risk commercial mass-produced seals, Steve,..

    But if your manifold spigots are not pristine, with a squeeze-on tight fit within the seals,
    They may not be re-useable, even if they do seal the first time.
    Any blemishes will be impressed into the PEEK.

    Properly, the spigots should be dressed, and seals custom-cut to fit both the manifold and the nuts.
    I found mass-production impractical very quickly:
    Only one of the three contemporary producers made manifolds that were consistant enough to fit "blind",
    and those seals wouldn't fit anything else.

    Good luck!

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