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Thread: I知 1976-1977 Saches Hercules?

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    Default I知 1976-1977 Saches Hercules?

    Hello everyone,
    I recently got a call about some old smaller displacement motorcycles that a gentlemen was selling near where I lived. Amongst the things that I carried out of that garage was this crazy Hercules parts. I had found a Saches 7 speed motor, a tank, an exhaust, plastic side covers and a Marzoochi front fork. I really got interested in this motor when I figured out that it was a 7- speed and when I looked at the number on the frame I had noticed that it was a very early frame compared to a few that I have seen online. Hopefully someone can give me some information or someone to talk to about this as I would love to get this motor into something as the motor is in very good shape.


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