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    I'm currently restoring a single cylinder B model Harley side valve generator model, I have a 1926 frame with a 1929 motor 29B1946 and its coming along ok. I have another bottom end with the engine number A2995 and I was of the understanding that the A model was the overhead valve model ? is this correct the casings are similar but a small difference on the left hand side . Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Magneto ignition side valve.

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    Welcome to the forum. If the serial number (SN) is authentic it sounds like a 1926 model as opposed to a 1927 model. SNs for 26 model singles began at 1000 and ran into the 8000s. For 27 model singles the SNs began at 9000.

    Model A is magneto ignition SV as Mark mentioned. More info on the sheet below which was posted by another member a while ago.

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