Hi all,

I am trying to lace an original '27 front hub to a 19 inch drop centre rim. This is the rim that came with the bike but the spokes when removed were an mixture of different types and were almost entirely unusable.

I used the best of them to have some facsimiles made up. The length and diameter of the spokes was fairly easy to ascertain but the precise angle of bend between the main shaft and the button end more a question of guess work.

The two angles look about 75 and 95 degrees. I used the instructions in Steve Slocombe's book on the VL for the threading pattern and the rear hub went together without issue.

The front hub is much narrower and the pattern of holes entirely different. I have tried the same approach as the rear on the front hub but it doesn't feel or look right and the spokes don't seem to fit the pattern of holes on the hub.

Can anybody shed light on what the spoke dimensions might be and /or how the correct approach to lacing the hub and rim together?