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Thread: Rear fender hinged section

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    Default Rear fender hinged section

    Hi again - sorry second thread in a short period but this is an entirely different issue.

    The rear fender on my '27 J is in pretty good shape overall. The hinged portion to the rear however had lost most of the metal along the the area where it abuts the main fender. I have the original hinge but so far attempts at welding in a new piece have not been overly successful. The new welded area does not easily conform to the curve in the fender and the raised centre area is very hard to replicate accurately so that where the two parts meet it looks right.

    I want to use as much of the original as possible but wonder whether there is anybody making reproductions of just the rear hinged section that I could use to get the right fitment and look?

    Or whether somebody is sitting on an original hinged section they would be willing to part with?



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    I have a spare rear section I don't need. Needs some panel beating, and one small crack.
    Send me a PM.

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    Thanks - I have sent a pm - let me know if you don't get it



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