Well folks I am trying to get some clarity on axles.

In my Parts Catalog, 1958-1968 it says:
Front Axle - 43875-48 49 to 66 - FL, FLH
Rear Axle - 41552-58A 58 to 66 - FL, FLH

As we all know numbers are great, but pictures are worth a million words.

Does anyone have a pictures of the correct front and rear axles for a '65?

I am seeing many variations online, as well as swap meets, and I am questioning which one is right.

I have seen some with and without a step near the head of the axle, as well as steps in the body of the axle. Some having a
cotter pin hole on the threads and some not.

I saw many at the Davenport Swap but some of the vendors were not sure of the year, thus the creation of this thread.

And as many of us have experienced, it is a difficult year.

Any pictures, thoughts or advice would be great.