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Thread: 1976 Honda TL 250

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    Default 1976 Honda TL 250

    Hey everyone,
    I recently acquired a 1976 Honda TL that is in fairly good shape, however is missing a few components that I need to make it run and look correct. I have really good bones however have had a lot of trouble finding someone with a parts bike or someone who has parts they would be willing to sell to me. This is the first off-road motorcycle that I am taking on and am super excited to see where it takes me. If anyone has any information or parts available please let me know. I will post pictures on this thread as well as parts as I need them.

    The bike I found is a survivor and it would be great to get the thing back up and running as it was one of the only trials bikes Honda ever made.

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    Default is a good place to start. you can be surprised what may still be available from honda. david silver spares is another one. then good old ebay......swap meets.
    Bob's Indian sales and service in etters Pa., Robin Markey, may have parts. He is a former honda dealer, very knowledgeable.......

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