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Thread: 911

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Luland View Post
    I got it at both ends. For some reason I didn't go in to the city for two weeks to pick up the mail at my office on Church St in Tribeca. When I did there were trailers in front loaded with scrap beams they had cut out. It was eerie. The air was still full of dust being kick up as it was three blocks away. On the other hand My house was on the other side of the water right across from the TC. It was cordoned off for a couple of weeks. No ID, no in. Manly to keep the gawkers out. Miserable fall. Bob L
    Wow, what a sacrifice you made Bob. So much more then the families that lost people, including ongoing issues with first responders.
    I hope you make a full recovery.
    Take care.
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    Suffern from media over load. Again and again and again. 18 years and running. Maybe they will give us an early in site into next year festivity's and give away show.?

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