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Update: First, I was checking the wrong level plug before (the one for the trans). I checked the sump and got about a half quart + out (see photo). So it did wet sump. I'll keep an eye on it to see if that continues to happen and how fast.

Next, I removed the plugs to see if it's easier to kick over. It is. It's a recently rebuilt engine, so it's tight. I guess that's good unless it breaks my leg. Otherwise I'll assume it'll loosen over time.

So I got it started (not easily) and let it idle to warm up maybe 5-10m. I had just replaced the plugs with some Autolite 303s (3/8" extension) and they fouled (see photo). It could be from residual oil from the wet sumping, it could be normal for an old Indian with a Linkert at idle, it could be too cold a plug (doubt it), or it could be a rich carb adjustment. I don't have experience with these carbs and engines. What do you think it is?

Thanks again for all the help.

When you say "easier to kick over" can you (somehow?) be more specific. I have been "shadowing" your experience & this thread. I am new here also so learning. I pulled the plugs on my Chief (looked rich but not oil fouled). Getting back to the kicking to turn over; without the plugs turns over EZ: did 100 kicks in sets of 10 NO sticking NO hang up
NO more resistance than would be expected from essentially 74 cubic inches of compressed air exiting two spark plug holes.

After the 5-10 minute warm up did you intentionally shut it down OR did it stop due to fouling????

Was the exhaust clear? Oily?? Smokey???