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Thread: Wet sumping question/hard to kick

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    On the Kiwi Indian website Mike has a Tech video on oil pump timing. If I recall correctly I believe he shows a check ball spring that protrudes a bit more than picture #5.
    Yes, that's the one I used. Significantly stronger than the one that was in there.

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    Update: The reseated ball and new spring did nothing to help the wet sumping. I still got half a quart in the bottom of the sump in less than two days. I thought I might be able to get away with just the gearbox but it looks like I need the whole pump. I ordered a new, tested one from Kiwi yesterday and that should solve the problem.

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    New pump installed 4 days ago, and this is the amount of oil in the sump. The bike hasn't been run yet (waiting on a new rotor). The wet sumping obviously is far less than it was, but is this a reasonable amount? I don't know where else it could be coming from if not through the pump.
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    Never checked mine but certainly that could be mostly residual oil draining into the sump and that small amount is not an issue. You could check after 2 weeks to see if rate of accumulation is same or it slows way down. After you shut engine off just measure down from the oil tank opening to oil level then re-measure every few days to see if level is dropping.
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    I'm still working on this problem. I drained the sump last night and took it out for just a few miles this morning. I then checked the sump again about 2 hours after the ride and I drained this amount. So most of this did not come from standing wet sumping, and most came from running. Is this normal, and where would it be coming from?
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    Not seeing the problem. A sign the return portion of pump is weak is smoking caused by too much oil in crankcase. Dry sump only means there is a scavenge pump used, not absence of oil.

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    I was talking to a gentleman about wet sumping and he related that a least one Indian owner he knew would leave the upper drain plug out and place a collection pan/tray under his bike. If wet sumping occurred between his parking it and his next ride (sometime days or weeks later) it would be evident from the oil in the collection pan.

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