Had my 65 saddlebags restored and repainted, and now have to reinstall all the hardware. I got the correct tubular rivets (some from HD, and some from "Bill's"). I see that both V-Twin and Jim's sell a ($90-$180) "saddlebag latch rivet tool" that resembles a specialized C clamp. I probably already know the answer, but the question is how essential this tool is to getting everything installed solidly and correctly.

ALSO ... I got new floorboard rubber mats and rivets. Those rivets are split rivets. A little online searching shows there is a "split rivet tool" that is sort of a cross between a chisel and a drift. Do I need this tool also, or is there a way around it?

I hate dropping that kind of money on tools I will only use once, but if it's the only way to do it right, then it's worth it to me to buy them, and perhaps sell them later on Ebay as "used".

Thanks in advance to anybody who has been down this path and can enlighten me.