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Thread: Gas Cap Gaskets

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    The cork gaskets are .125" thick. As Tom said, the cork gasket is a composite and I don't know if they would hold up to modern fuel.
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    I checked my fossils, Folks,...

    And it only raised more questions.
    (Veggie-tanned ain't like chemical 'chrome-tan, etc.)

    As always with P4gas, we are back to the bare drawing board for design and materials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigLakeBob View Post
    Len, How thick are the leather ones? Does the smooth or rough side of the leather go against the tank?
    I'll measure them but they are oem. I always put them smooth side to the the tank and oil them occasionally. They do wear out and after fifteen years thinking of replacing them as they leaked for the first time on a run last month. But then I forgot to turn my petcocks off but they have never done that before. I'll send you a oem set if you would like.
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