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Thread: 1946-48 Chief Generator Belt Guard Question

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    Default 1946-48 Chief Generator Belt Guard Question

    Question: 1944 and 1946 Generator Belt guards have a different part number according to the Indian Parts Book, than the 1947 and 1948 motorcycles. What is the difference?

    I do have an early 1946 belt guard that has a hole at the top of the guard; possibly to check belt condition. But I have seen many 1946's without this hole. I have no idea if that has anything to do with the different part numbers.

    I'll try to post the page in the Indian parts book. Just scroll through the page to find the 2 belt guards listed. The you will see 344-346 has one number and 347-348 has a different number.


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    Howdy sir,

    Adjacent to that hole should be another with a 1/4 nut affixed to the underside. This secured the forward tab on a triangular plate that was secured by two 1/4 bolts to the underside of the frame cross bar securing the rear fender. That plate has a hole in the center to take a round fuse block as you would find on the side of a 40-42 Indian Four. This along with other detail items were dropped after the 346 as Indian decontented their machines in an effort to cut costs and stay afloat.

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    Excellent response

    And yes the second hole is there also

    Thank You


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