I went to look at a 20's sidecar a few days ago, but was unable to fully identify it.
It looks like a mismatch of parts.
I was able to find a tag on the body that said the body was a 30LT.
However the frame didn't match the body. The leaf springs had been mounted on the lower cross bar, instead of the spring mounts.

I suspect the frame is a package truck frame with the leaf springs mounted to fit the narrower sidecar body.
I couldn't find a frame number in the usual location for a sidecar frame. Did the package trucks have their frame number in a different place.
The springs look like they have lower "helper springs" that may be from a package truck.

Any help in identifying the frame will be appreciated, as I would like to put the frame on a JD.
20190827_155523.jpg20190827_155509.jpg30LT 3.jpg30LT 2.jpg30LT 1.jpg