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Thread: Brake Rod specs 1915 11F

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    Default Brake Rod specs 1915 11F

    I'm in need of the specs for the brake rod. If anyone can provide the length. bend (degrees/length) etc it would be much appreciated because it is the last part I need to actually ride it! A sketch would be helpful. Thanks

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    The important thing is to properly heat treat the brake rod. I have a 1916J and I believe the brake rods are the same. Currently, we are on vacation in Georgia so I can't give you dimensions of the rod but I think you can look at old factory pics and see where they put the dog-leg, and about how much of an offset you will need. Suffice to say, the rod should have enough offset to align with the brake pedal arm and the brake drum lever. The big problem with a bent brake rod is the dog-leg can make it act like a spring and will not give positive 1 to 1 energy to the brake. Worse, if it is not heat treated the rod will just stretch and not work at all. If it's too hardened, it will break so you can see the challenge. As I recall, I used drill rod which is a high carbon steel that can be easily heat treated at home with an oxy-acetylene torch, and something like Kasite.
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    Eric, Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to take this into account when having it made. If you do have a chance when you're back to send me the dimensions it would be much appreciated. Thanks again, Todd

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