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Thread: 48 Panhead parts???

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    Default 48 Panhead parts???

    Hi Guys

    If anyone has any of the following, I'd be interested

    1948 kick start cover Panhead
    1948 wheel rims (3 x 16),these would be the early 'non safety rims'. Just rims as they will need rebuilding and condition is unimportant as long as they can be either chromed or painted
    Brake Operating Lever 44308-36 - must be two hole version
    Kickstart lever 33063-36A
    Rear and front mudguards
    Horn - genuine or good reproduction, mine is a poor repro with incorrect fitting on rear.

    Thanks, Greg

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    Are you looking for a 48 dated kicker cover or any 40 to 48 kicker?
    Are you looking for 48 dated Kelsey wheels or any 40 to 62 Kelsey wheel ?
    The two hole brake lever was only used on 36 and 37, three hole arrived in 38.
    Dixie had piles of kick levers now on ebay -
    The GM Restoration Parts reproduction horns are nice -
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    Hi Jerry, thanks for the response, your advice will be valuable on the following.

    The kicker (starter crank) I'm looking for is the one piece type, which was fitted to the 48, according to the parts manual and Palmer. I'm not sure if it was fitted to other models.

    The kicker cover is the 33277-36, again fitted to the 48, sub type 7, according to Palmer (page 423), I currently have the pig snout (51-66), and it appears I may have a late '50's gearbox casing.

    The brake lever I have is the four hole version, 4123-36 type 1 (page 210, Palmer), and I believe I need the type 2, 44308-36????

    The Kelsey wheels would be a luxury, as I'm having to rebuild the wheels and get new tyres anyway. As the markings are internal (?), I don't believe this would affect judging, so I'm just looking for the non safety rim that would be visually correct for a '48, and would be looking to chrome, or paint the rims.

    I'll check out the ebay items



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    The Dixie kick levers are one piece -
    Kicker cover on ebay in poor shape -
    No decent brake pedal on ebay today, they do appear frequently.
    Here are Kelsey wheels, $399 seems high.

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    Check your inbox.

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